At Kool Koatings, innovation is at the heart of what we do. We’re excited to unveil our latest addition, a state-of-the-art 5′ x 10′ CNC plasma cutting table, which significantly enhances our in-house capabilities and allows us to streamline our fabrication process. This cutting-edge equipment elevates our capacity to handle complex projects from conception to completion all under one roof.

Advanced Design and Duplication

With our new CNC plasma cutting table, Kool Koatings can seamlessly transform your ideas into tangible products. This machine allows us to take projects directly from the drafting board and execute precise cuts on various materials. Whether you have existing parts that need replication or a new design in CAD, our plasma cutting table ensures accuracy and efficiency in producing your components.

Versatility in Applications

Our plasma cutting capabilities extend to a wide range of materials including metals and composite panels, enabling us to cater to diverse industries. This versatility means that we can handle everything from custom automotive parts to intricate industrial components. Our precision cutting ensures minimal material waste, reducing costs and enhancing sustainability in our fabrication process.

Seamless Integration with Coating Services

One of the standout features of our new setup is the ability to integrate plasma cutting with our renowned coating services. After the cutting process, we can immediately proceed to apply various coatings such as Cerakote ceramic paint, hydrographics, or powder coating, all in-house. This integration not only saves time but also ensures consistent quality across all stages of production.

Quality Assurance

As a certified Cerakote applicator and ISO 9001 Quality Management certified company, Kool Koatings is committed to delivering top-notch products. Our trained technicians operate the CNC plasma cutting table with precision, ensuring each project meets the stringent quality standards our clients expect. Additionally, our compliance with ITAR and CGP underlines our dedication to maintaining high-quality processes and security measures.

Your One-Stop Fabrication Solution

With the addition of our CNC plasma cutting table, Kool Koatings is now better equipped than ever to provide a comprehensive, one-stop solution for fabrication and custom coatings. From initial design to the final finish, we manage every step in-house, offering you a streamlined, efficient, and high-quality service. Explore the new capabilities at Kool Koatings and let us bring your projects to life with unparalleled precision and craftsmanship.

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